We believe, Sales is a Game of Motivation

Our Mission

Innovate Incentive Compensation

To bring innovative models in incentive structure for sales and completely eliminate traditional excel templates.

Transparency in Sales Commission

To manifest end-to-end visibility in sales commission systems and leave no room for confusion and loopholes.

Motivate Sales Teams

To promote sales force motivation in organisations and bring incremental productivity in sales.

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About QuotaCal

At QuotaCal we believe ‘Sales is a Game of Motivation’. During the initial days of our journey, we worked with rockstar sales managers who told us about their pains and day-to-day challenges when it comes to framing the right incentive plan for their salesteam.

At a later point, we got frustrated as well while building and managing commissions in high-growth companies. Hence we did a lot of research on the problem and also studied how many of the great companies have cracked it. With all the learnings and knowledge combined, we framed a product that became a game-changer for our clients.

Vision of QuotaCal

Decode human motivation and link it completely to organisationl goals. Our vision is to see a world where people in the workforce do their jobs because of passion and willingness - not because of the pressure of their bosses and insecurities that comes with the job.

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Meet Our Leaders

Mohit Ambani

CEO & Co-Founder

Arpit Vasani


Mehul Jain


Few words from our CEO

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“Manage your incentives with a breeze. Join us to help companies realise the power of QuotaCal.”

Mohit Ambani

CEO & Co-Founder, QuotaCal

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